Monday, October 17, 2011


2 weeks after tearing down our night course at the Bolton Fairgrounds, I found myself putting the finishing touches on the course in the same location. I had driven out early with my friend Lodrina, to help out the club as needed. We arrived just before 8, and my single speed race wasn't scheduled until 2:30. I knew this was a bad formula for success in the race, but I was still pretty excited about the Le Mans start for the SS race. 

I only wish that it was a longer run. I was able to get onto my bike in about 4th place, but then bobbled the uphill chicane, and lost a lot of places in the scrum. I got bogged down a little going through the wood chips in the barn, as we hit the back of the women's field. I also slipped twice, falling pretty hard going up the flyover in the second lap, letting Mike Zanc get by. I seemed to bleed 2 places each lap. With 2 to go, I was able to pull back 3 places with a well timed attack in the finish straight and up the hill. My attack held, and I was also able to keep ahead of Hopengarten in the last lap, who had been picking off the guys behind me. I finished 16th, which wasn't too bad considering the field, but well below my hoped for top ten. Results aside, I've really been enjoying these open SS races, they are a blast. 
Post race observations:
The Good
-Le Mans start craziness
-Twizzler handups

The Bad
-Slipping on the flyover runup
-Sardine handups

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  1. There was a FLYOVER?! No one advertised this. I would have come to MRC instead of NYCROSS.

    Oh well.